The fastest way to produce multi-level trapezes on-site.

The TRAPEASY system combines new ‘slide-nut’ technology with traditional Unistrut support channel to produce a support that when used with standard M10 threaded rod will enable multi-level trapezes to be manufactured in minutes.

The ‘slide-nut’ technology in essence is a nut that does not need to be spun up the rod. Simply slide the nut to the desired point and secure in position with a few turns of the locking nut.

The TRAPEASY supports can be produced in any length in either 41x21mm channel or 41×41 channel.

Why use TRAPEASY ?

The TRAPEASY system provides a simple alternative to pre-fabricated bracketry. It eliminates the need for on-site cutting, time consuming re-modelling, adjusting, re-tightening or scrappage should specifications change. 

The simplicity of the system means that the products are moved easily to the work area without the need for cranes or hoists.

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