Anchor Load Testing.

Site Pull Tests.

Many anchors these days, particularly those used in cracked or un-cracked concrete, have European Technical Assessments (ETA’S) attached to them, which assuming they are installed to the correct guidelines, negate the need for further testing.

However on those occasions when the concrete strength or substrate is unknown, such as in an existing building that’s undergoing refurbishment or the anchor itself doesn’t carry an ETA – a Site Pull Test may be requested.



Construction Fixings Association BS 8539:2012 Approved Testing.

Hobby Homes can offer both Proof Testing* and Advanced Testing* on our range of anchors via an Approved Tester, who is Certified by the CFA (Construction Fixing Association) to undertake tensile load testing and is qualified in compliance and in accordance with the relevant codes of practice for BS 8539:2012 and the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry. 



Arranging an On-Site Pull Test.

A Pull Out Test Request Form is available here for you to to download and complete.

Or alternatively you can call our sales office and ask to speak to the site support team first.

*Proof Testing is carried out across a sample of the pre-installed anchors to confirm that they have been installed correctly.

*Advanced Testing is the testing of anchors to determine they achieve their agreed Allowable Loads.